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Hank Levy - A Treasurer with Vision

After 35 years of serving as a voluntary public servant on many Alameda County commissions and non-profit organizations’ boards, Henry C. Levy retired in March from the firm he founded to become Alameda County’s Treasurer-Tax Collector. 

Appointed by the Alameda County Supervisors to fill the seat of his predecessor, he hit the ground running to begin the arduous process of modernizing an otherwise mid-20th Century system for tax collection. 

Proactive in finding ways to provide affordable housing, engaging in the City of Oakland public bank study, educating the community about their tax bills and county finances, and promoting financial security among our county employees. 

Alameda County Images - Hank LEVY for Treasurer 2018, Treasurer-Tax Collector - Alameda County

Hank's has focused his attention to the essential functions of his department:

  • Tax Collection
  • Investments
  • Employee Retirement Plans


He is working to improve these essential functions:

  • Work with City Administrators in Alameda County to improve collections on taxes not well enforced
  • Modernize the tax collection process to create efficiency and real-time information to taxpayers
  • Improve the return on investments by stratification and cash flow analysis techniques
  • Promote financial security programs among employees and retirees of Alameda County
  • Work with other Treasurer-Tax Collectors to always promote best practices
  • Promote the use of local and emerging firms for financial management

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